Closed COVID-19

Closed until further notice

Bearing in mind the Governor’s cautions about non-essential retail closing for at least a two-week period, we have chosen to heed to his request and try to do our part in ensuring the safety of our patrons and employees.

That stated, many of you have entrusted us with your personal items. We truly appreciate the trust you instill in us on a daily basis. I want to assure you that your valuables remain safe and secure. Our premises are professionally monitored 24/7, with multiple backup systems. However, if you would like to pick-up your completed repairs, we will be happy to schedule an appointment to meet with you.

Fortunately, none of our staff or their families have become ill from COVID-19. To that accord, if you wish to schedule an appointment, we kindly ask that only those who do not have symptoms of this illness reach out to us.

Please do not ask for an appointment if any of the following apply:

You have traveled or come in contact with anyone who has traveled outside the United States in the last 14 days.

Have come in contact with someone known to have symptoms or tested positive for this virus.

When you arrive at the store, there will be hand sanitizer near the door. We ask that you use this before contacting any surfaces in the store.

Lester Martin Jewelers