30 Years of
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That little green box from Lester Martin Jewelers is sure to contain the perfect piece of jewelry for that special someone in your life. For over 30 years Lester Martin has been helping their customers choose the right gift to be cherished forever.

Lester Martin Jewelers is a full service, family-owned jewelry store located on Limekiln Pike, in Dresher, a suburb of Philadelphia. They feature innovative designers, as well as creating their own remarkable jewelry. They also specialize in engagement rings and custom-made gold, silver, and platinum pieces. Lester Martin Jewelers treats your repairs with the utmost care and consideration, whether it's the simplest task or the most intricate and complex work.

Susan Horwitz Rosenthal

Independently Owned and Operated Since 1987

Lester Martin Jewelers has been an active member of the Dresher community since 1987. Our founders, Lester Abramson and Martin Pearlmutter, had a vision to open a store built on the principles of uncompromising quality and superb customer service. Three decades later, Martin still leads the company and continues to be the source of our inspiration.